Tooth Colored Fillings in Kissimmee FLToday’s dental patients are considered to be lucky because of the many advancements and developments in dental care. Take the case of dental fillings. When before only silver amalgam fillings were the only option, now you are offered a more natural-looking, much safer alternative with tooth colored fillings. These fillings are metal free, so they look great for your smile. They’re also made of the safest ingredients (composite resin or porcelain), so your tooth is restored while maintaining its natural-looking appearance. Tooth colored fillings are here because you simply deserve the best.

When Is A Tooth Colored Filling Necessary?

A tooth-colored filling is recommended under the following cases.

  • When root canal therapy has just been performed, and the tooth needs to be filled and sealed with a tooth colored filling.
  • When a cracked or broken tooth needs to be repaired.
  • When the decayed portion of your tooth is removed, therefore, requiring the area to be filled with a tooth colored filling.

What Happens During a Tooth Colored Filling Procedure?

Step 1 The doctor administers dental anesthesia on the affected area. Step 2 The dentist removes the decayed portion of the tooth with the use of a dental drill or laser. He/she then cleans the tooth to ensure that it is rid of bacteria and debris. Step 3 Once decay and bacteria have been removed, the tooth is ready to be filled. The doctor fills your tooth with your choice of tooth-colored filling material (composite resin or porcelain). Step 4 Your tooth colored filling is then cured with the use of a special light. Step 5 The dentist trims, removes excess bonding cement, and polishes the tooth for beautiful, natural-looking results.

Why Is a Tooth Colored Filling a Better Option than Other Types of Dental Filling?

Dental fillings are available in different materials such as silver amalgam, gold and many more. While silver amalgam is a durable material, it contains mercury, which is known to be harmful when ingested. Scientists and healthcare experts are still verifying their findings as to the potential effects of silver amalgam fillings on the human body. While this controversy remains, it is best to err on the side of caution and take the safer route with tooth colored fillings. Tooth colored fillings are also a great option for patients allergic to metal and mercury. Allergic reactions can diminish the lifespan of your dental fillings no matter how durable they are. Tooth colored fillings are also a better alternative because they are designed to replicate the natural look and color of your teeth. Think of how noticeable gold and silver amalgam fillings can be. With tooth colored fillings, you can be sure that nobody will notice your dental fillings whenever you speak, smile, laugh or sing. This gives you the confidence to socialize and interact with people. With your safety, comfort, and aesthetics in mind, tooth colored fillings are definitely the better choice.

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