Tooth Colored Fillings


Parkway Dental Care dentist, Dr. Philip offers tooth colored fillings for the people of Kissimmee FL and the surrounding areas in Osceola County FL. Tooth colored fillings are a safer and more natural looking alternative to silver amalgam fillings. In the past, amalgam or silver fillings were the popular method for long lasting restorations. With new advancements in materials, we at Parkway Dental Care are able to deliver the same longevity in a much more esthetic way.

Traditional silver fillings have a tendency to darken over time; thus, making them less pleasing aesthetically. With tooth colored fillings, your treated teeth will look and feel like your own natural teeth and leave you with a beautiful and natural looking smile. Dr. Philip is your family dentist in Kissimmee FL with a focus on cosmetic dentistry. We strive for perfection in creating beautiful smiles for all our patients.

Tooth colored fillings are used to restore cracked teeth as well as teeth that have been damaged by decay. These fillings also strengthen the teeth and give it further protection over time. They are absolutely great alternatives if your tooth is damaged yet not badly decayed. Talk to our Drs. Philip and Chachy Philip and let them explain to you more about tooth colored fillings and the many services we offer to the people of Kissimmee FL and the surrounding area.

Cosmetic dentistry covers tooth colored fillings as the process improves the look and color of the teeth. The fillings are made of composite resin or porcelain that closely resembles the natural shade of the teeth. Colored fillings are therefore recommended for front teeth fillings as these are the most visible set of teeth. The fillings can last for many years so you are sure to get the beautiful smile that you deserve.

Come to our practice in Kissimmee FL and find out why our patients all around the area are raving about the beautiful smiles we’ve helped them achieve. Together with Dr. Philip, we at Parkway Dental Care are very happy to serve you. Talk to us at (407) 932-2273.