Teeth Whitening Kissimmee FLOur teeth have the tendency to get discolored due to various factors. Age is a contributing factor, as well as cigarette smoking, eating colored foods and drinking beverages like tea, coffee, red wine, and soda. Genetics can also cause teeth discoloration that can greatly affect your smile. Who wants stained and discolored teeth when you can have gleaming white teeth? Now, it’s easy to have bright, white teeth with dentist-supervised teeth whitening solutions! It is possible to have the brightest set of teeth you want with effective teeth whitening products and services at your dentist. Parkway Dental Care offers both in-office and at-home whitening treatments to whiten your teeth and keep it that way for good.

In-Office Teeth Whitening for an Instant Smile Transformation

The dentist applies bleaching gel onto your teeth while making sure that your gums and lips are protected. He then monitors your treatment and checks your response to the bleaching gel. In-office bleaching deeply penetrates the teeth and removes stubborn stains and discoloration. This method can whiten your teeth dramatically for that instant wow factor.

At-Home Teeth Whitening for Maintenance of Your White Smile

Continuous exposure to foods and drinks that stain the teeth can give you yellowed and discolored teeth again. A great way to maintain the whiteness of your teeth is with at-home teeth whitening kits. These kits contain special bleaching trays. The patient wears this bleaching tray while sleeping, to keep stains from building up on the teeth. An at-home whitening kit makes a good teeth-whitening maintenance regimen. You get to keep your white smile, painlessly and inexpensively.

Teeth Whitening Habits that You Can Maintain On your Own

Having white teeth is not permanent, so you have to make an effort, to maintain your white smile. Here are some helpful tips that you can practice, to keep the whiteness of your teeth.

• Make an effort to eat foods and beverages that help rid the stains on your teeth. Citrus drinks like fresh lemonade and orange juice have been known to have bleaching effects. Crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, pears, celery, carrots, and broccoli help rid of plaque, greatly responsible for staining the teeth.

• Avoid drinking coffee, tea, red wine, and soda if at all possible. If you find it hard to do this, indulge in these drinks at a minimum or drink them quickly so as to reduce the amount of time your teeth are exposed to their coloring agents. You can also choose the lesser evil such as going for white tea than choosing black tea.

• Brush and floss your teeth after meals. This will prevent stains from penetrating the teeth. Stains are difficult to remove once they’ve settled on your teeth. If you’re eating or drinking at a public place, and don’t have your toothbrush with you, try to at least swish your mouth with water after your intake of any food and drink. This is better than subjecting your teeth for the long wait of proper brushing.

Visit your Dentist Regularly for Teeth Whitening

If all else fails, visit your dentist, who will know what to do to whiten your teeth. Sometimes, all you need is a simple deep cleaning treatment to remove stains and discoloration. If the stains have already settled, you can always take advantage of dentist-supervised teeth whitening solutions. Visit Parkway Dental Care today and let us help you keep your smile white, bright, and healthy!

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