Teeth Whitening


Receiving a teeth whitening treatment at Parkway Dental Care is as easy as getting your hair done at the salon. Just like salon treatment that can help improve your looks, Dr. Philip T. Philip and our staff in Kissimmee FL can whiten your teeth for that beautiful and dazzling smile. We offer at-home tooth bleaching that does its job while you sleep at night. Our method is fast, easy, convenient, affordable and definitely long lasting; lots of our patients in Kissimmee FL and the surrounding areas are thrilled with the results.

There are many over the counter products in Kissimmee FL that claim to whiten teeth. However, getting help from a dental professional like Dr. Philip is beneficial in many ways. With professionally supervised at-home teeth whitening, the process is safer and more effective. We at Parkway Dental Care will show you how to use the product and the length of time you’re supposed to use it. This way, your teeth gets the right amount of bleaching that’s safe for you.

Come to our practice in Kissimmee FL and Dr. Philip will evaluate the condition of your teeth. For teeth whitening, you will be asked to wear tooth bleaching trays that you need to put on while sleeping or 1 to 2 hours during the day. Dr. Philip is very experienced with teeth whitening, so he is a doctor that you can trust to give you amazing results that will surely make you smile more. After the treatment, you will be amazed by how much lighter your teeth will look. Your smile will be much brighter than it was before, and you will want to show it off to everyone you know.

Not all of us are blessed with sparkling white teeth, but we can always do something about it with teeth whitening. Visit Parkway Dental Care in Kissimmee FL and let Dr. Philip take care of your smile. We want you to look good. We will do our very best to make your visit a truly happy one. Call us today at (407) 932-2273 and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.