Sleep Apnea Treatment in Kissimmee FLAre you tired all of the time? Even when the day has just started and you just woke up from your sleep? If so, then you may need to evaluate the real quality of sleep which you have been getting. It might be that you’re suffering from a condition which affects your ability to get proper sleep.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea basically means that you stop breathing momentarily while you are asleep, although you resume breathing after a couple of seconds. Although obstructive sleep apnea will often self-resolve and you’ll eventually be capable of breathing after a couple of seconds, the complications from obstructive sleep apnea could be permanent if not properly addressed.

Understanding The Cause

Sleep apnea could have two causes — the first one is the obstructive kind while the second condition is central in nature. It is the obstructive form which your dentist can do something about. Basically, what happens is that tissues within your upper airways would cave in so that the airways would be partially or completely blocked, depriving you of oxygen the entire time. When this happens, you would not be capable of breathing and your chest muscles would have to exert themselves in order to pump oxygen back into your lungs.

Signs and Symptoms

The problem with self-diagnosing sleep apnea is that you cannot be there to police yourself while you are unconscious. For this reason, you need to find a friend, if you do not have a spouse or a partner, who would be willing to sit through while you sleep. Some of the signs your friend could notice in you include snoring and constantly moving about while you are asleep. If you’ve also noticed that you wake up a lot while gasping for air or having that choking sensation, then you may also have the condition and should consult your doctor.

Treating Sleep Apnea

While the only way to get rid of these blocking tissues would be through surgery or weight loss, two things which cannot happen overnight, your dentist can actually offer a viable remedy for this condition in the form of an oral appliance which will push out your lower jaw so that the airways leading to your lungs would be free from any obstruction. This oral appliance can then be worn while you are asleep for a non-invasive and immediate solution to your problem of an unrestful night’s sleep.

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