Six Months Braces Kissimmee FLNow, it’s possible to get straight teeth in a matter of six months! Advancements in modern orthodontics have accorded us with Six Month Braces, a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that takes only six months to complete. We, at Parkway Dental Care, are a dental practice specializing in different types of orthodontic treatments. We believe in the 6 Month Smiles treatment as if offers you straight teeth quickly and conveniently.

How Does Six Month Braces Straighten the Teeth in Less Time?

Since treatment time is greatly lessened, you might think that the Six Month Braces takes great force to align the teeth. This is not at all true, because this orthodontic treatment, in fact, uses low, gentle force to get your teeth straightened.
The explanation behind the speed of treatment is that Six Month Braces focuses on the front or visible teeth. Only the teeth that show when you smile are being straightened; hence, the process is very fast. Six Month Braces is a cosmetic treatment that aims to improve and enhance your smile in less time than traditional orthodontics.

What are the Teeth Straightening Standards Followed by Six Month Braces?

Six Month Braces uses the same proven and effective orthodontic techniques. It follows the same teeth straightening formula. The only difference is that, since the front teeth are the only teeth being straightened, the process becomes fast and convenient to patients.

Six Month Braces – A Perfect Alternative for a Fast Smile Makeover

The Six Month Braces system is becoming very popular worldwide because it offers several advantages that traditional braces lack. These advantages are the following:
Undetectable – These braces are clear, so they won’t be obvious when you smile and talk with friends and colleagues at work. It maintains your professional image and the beauty of your smile while in treatment.
Speed – Nobody wants to wear braces for a long time, as it can have a degree of discomfort no matter how you put it. By simplifying and decreasing treatment time, patients can get straight teeth fast and enjoy the benefits of having a straight, beautiful smile in less time.
Inexpensive – Since treatment time is only for six months, this means fewer office visits to your dentist, making the treatment an inexpensive alternative.
Effective – Six Month Braces follows conventional techniques to straighten the teeth, making it a very effective treatment to correct oddly spaced, crowded, or misaligned teeth.

Six Month Braces – Perfect for an Upcoming Social Event

The Six Month Braces system is just perfect if you want to look your best for a special occasion. This can be a friend’s wedding, a high school reunion, or a job interview. This fast-track orthodontic alternative gives you straight teeth, in time for an important event or milestone in your life, allowing you to get your smile makeover in less time than ever.

Six Month Braces in Kissimmee, FL

We, at Parkway Dental Care, specialize in various orthodontic treatments, which include the Six Month Braces. If you feel you need orthodontic intervention for a smile enhancement, consult with Dr. Philip and see if Six Month Braces are for you. The treatment can handle mild to severe orthodontic cases in a short treatment time. In six month’s time, you can be smiling with perfectly straight, picture-perfect teeth!

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