Six Month Braces in Kissimmee FLIf you’re one of those people who are hesitant to take orthodontic treatment because it involves a lot of time, then Six Month Braces is for you! It involves wearing tooth-colored braces for only six months; thus, greatly minimizing the time you spend with braces on your teeth. This makes the treatment highly suitable for patients who need to straighten their teeth quickly or to those who just want a speedy orthodontic treatment. The Six Month Braces simply provides what other orthodontic treatments cannot – a fast track approach to straighten the teeth.

How is Straight Teeth Possible in Six Months?

Six Month Braces uses tried and tested orthodontic standards, so rest assured that the treatment does not apply great force to the teeth. The results are very fast because the treatment focuses on the visible teeth or the front teeth. After a thorough evaluation of your teeth, your dental impression will be sent to the Six Month Braces facility, so they will custom-create the braces for you. Once your braces are done, this will be sent to your dentist, who will then attach the braces to your teeth. It’s that simple. From the time you start wearing the braces to 6 months later, your teeth will become straight and beautiful.

Is Six Month Braces Suitable for All Types of Orthodontic Problems?

Six Month Braces is an effective orthodontic treatment for mild to moderate tooth misalignment. Since it focuses on the visible teeth, six month orthodontics may not be appropriate for severe tooth misalignment cases and patients with bite problems. Cosmetic enhancement is the main goal of Six Month Braces.

Why Should I Choose Six Month Braces Over Other Orthodontic Treatments?

Six Month Braces is a great orthodontic treatment alternative because it is completed in less time than traditional braces and clear aligners. It also uses tooth-colored wires and brackets, so the braces appear virtually invisible when worn. The treatment involves fewer office visits than other treatment methods because the thin wire on the tooth-colored brackets will only be replaced every month. That means only 6 office visits for your entire treatment.

Additionally, you should choose the Six Month Braces option, if possible, because it offers an inexpensive way to achieve straight teeth. Less time, fewer office visits, invisible orthodontics, and an inexpensive method – these are the reasons that make Six Month Braces an excellent choice.

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Six Month Braces is available through selected dental offices in the US and one of these dental practices is Parkway Dental Care. Dr. Philip is not only a qualified, skilled, and experienced family and cosmetic dentist, but also took the time to train for the Six Month Braces technique. Dr. Philip values your time believes that Six Month Braces will be able to cater to the needs of patients who cannot wait that long for their teeth to be straightened. Call (407) 932-2273 today or visit us at East Osceola, Parkway Kissimmee, FL!

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