Porcelain Crowns


Dental crowns have a long-standing reputation of being strong, long-lasting treatments that provide a way to keep your natural tooth. In the past, various metals such as gold and stainless steel, and sometimes porcelain fused to metal, were used. While they were good at recreating function, they did not look natural, especially when used on front teeth. Porcelain dental crowns solve that problem by being absolutely stunning in their recreation of natural teeth. The color and light reflective properties of porcelain are so close to that of your own teeth that you’ll have a very difficult time telling them apart.

Why Should I Get a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns have many uses in modern dentistry. If you have a fractured, cracked, or broken tooth, for example, a dental crown can act as a protective cover for that tooth, preventing further damage while keeping that tooth,and it’s natural roots in place. Preserving your own natural dentition is almost always the preferred course of action.

Another very important use for porcelain dental crowns is to strengthen teeth following root canal procedures. In most cases, root canals are required due to a significant amount of decay. When decay has reached the interior, pulp section of your tooth, it easily causes infection in those soft tissues, necessitating the removal of that tissue. This removes the nerves, alleviating your pain, but also removes the blood vessels that feed the tooth. This, in addition to the removal of decayed areas, weakens your tooth dramatically. Fillings alone are not usually enough to provide the strength required to stand up to the biting force, so a crown is usually the treatment we recommend. It will effectively replace the outer shell of enamel, lending strength and protection to the tooth. This is necessary in order to help prevent further damage in the future. Fractured and severely decayed teeth can look like new with porcelain crowns.

How Are Dental Crowns Made?

If you’ve ever heard people discussing dental crowns, you may have heard stories about impression molds, temporary crowns, waiting for dental works to be made in a laboratory, and having to make a second appointment with your dentist to have the crown placed. While this remains a very good method for many people, at Parkway Dental Care, we have the option of using computer assisted technology to give you your dental crown in one visit. For information on how you can achieve beautiful, custom dental crowns in a single visit, please see our One-Visit Crowns page or call our Kissimmee dental office today at (407) 932-2273 to learn more! We look forward to showing you how convenient it can be to get a new dental crown!

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