Permanent Dental Bridges in Kissimmee, FL

One important aspect of cosmetic dentistry is performing permanent bridges to act as a “bridge” or false tooth in place of a missing one. These bridges are fixed and can therefore not be removed by the person wearing it; thus these are great alternatives to replace a lost tooth. We at Parkway Dental Care in Kissimmee FL can give you quality permanent bridges to restore your smile and confidence. Dr. Philip specializes in the different types of cosmetic dentistry which includes permanent bridges, teeth whitening, porcelain onlays and many more.

A missing tooth can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. It can also lead to gum problems later on in life if the area is left unfilled. When there is a space left open, the teeth also have the tendency to misalign; thus, further affecting the aesthetics of your mouth. Permanent bridges can help solve all of these issues. Allow Dr. Philip to evaluate your condition and propose the most appropriate treatment plan for missing teeth. He is your trusted family and cosmetic dentist.

A permanent bridge can be porcelain or ceramic and can last for many years with proper care. Dr. Philip will need to take an impression of your teeth in order to fit the crowns where the bridge will be attached. The whole process typically takes two sessions at our practice in Kissimmee FL. We are committed to making the whole experience very comfortable and pleasurable for you.

Are you tired of removable partial dentures? If you are, then permanent bridges are great alternatives for having permanent teeth again. Brush them, floss them and take care of them just like your natural teeth you can even have steak for dinner! Call us today at (407) 932-2273 and schedule an appointment. Come to our practice in Kissimmee FL and we will gladly listen to your needs.