Pros and Cons of Ceramic BracesCeramic braces have become a popular choice of orthodontic treatment because the process is done more conveniently and discreetly than traditional orthodontics. While the latter uses metal wires and brackets that appear very obvious, ceramic braces are tooth-colored, so they are hardly seen when the patient smiles. Hollywood A-lister, Tom Cruise, sported ceramic braces during the premiere of his movie, Minority Report. Why did Tom Cruise and many people around the world choose ceramic braces over other orthodontic alternatives? Dr. Philip, discusses the pros and cons of ceramic braces. Let this information help you come up with a well-informed decision about this modern orthodontic treatment.

What Are Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces are an advanced orthodontic treatment that involves the use of tooth-colored wires and brackets. They blend in beautifully inside the mouth, so the patient can speak and smile very naturally. This treatment has been tested and proven to be an effective option for realigning the teeth.


  • Orthodontic treatment is done discreetly because ceramic braces are less noticeable than conventional metal braces.
  • Ceramic braces align the teeth much faster than other orthodontic options. Typically, treatment is completed within six months.
  • Ceramic braces do not require frequent office visits, like in the case of traditional orthodontics. Only once-a-month appointments are necessary, so the dentist can change the wire and make necessary adjustments. This gives the patient a lot of free time and convenience.
  • Ceramic braces are less expensive than lingual braces and other types of invisible orthodontics.


  • Brackets tend to stain if the patient doesn’t practice good oral hygiene. During treatment, it is essential that the patient avoid  stain-causing foods and drinks. Rinsing the mouth with water and brushing the teeth regularly will also help avoid stains from sticking to the teeth.
  • Ceramic braces are more costly than traditional orthodontics. However, they’re a cheaper alternative than many other types of invisible orthodontics.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Orthodontic Treatment?

Check with your insurance provider regarding this concern. There are health insurance providers that partially cover orthodontic treatment on a case to case basis. Be sure to inquire about the percentage of coverage as this can vary. Typically, coverage is up to 50% of the cost of treatment.

What Ceramic Braces Would you Recommend?

At Parkway Dental Care, we offer the Six Month Braces therapy to straighten your teeth. These are ceramic braces that you need to wear for only six months. Six Month Braces are perfect for patients who want fast orthodontic treatment and a discreet approach to straighten their teeth.

Visit Parkway Dental Care for Ceramic Braces in Kissimmee, FL

For more about ceramic braces and the Six Month Braces treatment, visit us, at Parkway Dental Care. Our practice is located at 1064 East Osceola Parkway Kissimmee, FL. Call to schedule your office visit at (407) 932-2273(407) 932-2273 or book your appointment online. Ceramic braces may just be what you are looking for, to achieve that straight, beautiful smile. Start your treatment today!

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