One Visit Crowns Kissimmee FLMany people are busy, often having trouble finding time to schedule the necessary dental treatments. Time waits for no one. The more activities you can manage to squeeze into the day, the more you can achieve. The advent of one visit crowns is, therefore, a welcome treat for both doctor and patient. We, at Parkway Dental Care, are able to attend to more patients as one visit crowns free up our schedule than with the traditional method of dental crown placement. The patient, likewise, saves a lot of time, getting a dental crown within 1 day!

How are One Visit Crowns Possible?

One-visit crowns are the most convenient dental crowns because the designing, manufacturing, fitting, and bonding of the crowns is done within one day. CEREC has made this possible. It stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, which involves a 3D CAD/CAM technology and a milling unit to provide you with one-visit crowns.
• First, you will visit the doctor for an initial consultation. The dentist examines your mouth and then designs your treatment plan. He schedules you for another visit if dental crowns are necessary.
• Your next visit is dedicated to the design, fabrication, and bonding of your dental crowns. The dentist begins the process by taking a digital image of your teeth. You will then be asked to stay in the patient lounge while the doctor designs and fabricates your custom fitted crown. The doctor will call you once the crown is complete and ready for placement.
• While you wait in the lounge, the computer designs your dental crown based on the digital image taken. The dentist studies this design and makes improvements when necessary.
• Once the perfect design is achieved, the doctor feeds the information to the milling unit that will fabricate the dental crown within minutes. The doctor will then call you for the final fitting and permanent placement of your dental crown.
• The doctor fits the dental crown over your teeth. Since the entire system is computed-aided, your dental crown design is crafted precisely. Your crown is then bonded, capping the tooth completely. Your newly placed crown offers your tooth many years of function and aesthetics.
• Voila! In just about an hour or two, your dental crown is securely fixed on your tooth. You save time while you get your tooth restored within one day with the CEREC one visit crowns.

One-Visit Crowns May be Necessary under the Following Dental Conditions:

• When a tooth underwent root canal therapy and needs strength and protection after this treatment
• When a tooth is worn-out, unhealthy, cracked, or damaged
• When a tooth needs to be cosmetically enhanced
• When a large filling breaks, causing a tooth to become fractured
• To cap a dental implant completely, wonderfully replacing a lost tooth

One-Visit Crowns in Kissimmee, FL

Parkway Dental Care offers one visit crowns in Kissimmee, FL. Dr. Philip and the rest of our team are well trained to handle a full range of dental services that include one visit crowns, onlays, inlays, and veneers. CEREC is an innovation, something that our practice gives much focus and attention. We, at Parkway Dental Care, take time for continuing education, so we are always at the forefront of new and improved techniques in dental care.

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