Dentists of the past felt no need to market their dental practices. All they did was hang a sign outside their offices and wait for patients to arrive. Nowadays, dental marketing is a must, if you want to get a lot of patients. It is a conscious and concerted effort that dentists do to make themselves found, keep the appointment schedules filled, and the bills paid. Here is what trusted Kissimmee dentist, Dr. Philip, suggests for 21st century dental marketing.

  • Brand your Dental Practice – Modern day dental offices don’t just go by the name of the doctor, but usually have names similar to specialty shops. Ours is called Parkway Dental Care. Think of a catchy name for your practice, so patients will easily remember you. Include as well your specialization under your brand name and indicate whether you’re a cosmetic, family, or general dentist.
  • Have a Website – This allows you to be found by people searching for a dentist on the internet. If you don’t have the time to manage a website, you can hire people to do it for you. Your website should reflect your strengths as a dentist and the image that you want to project. A well designed and optimized website may cost you money but it sure is worth it. There are a lot of companies that provide content and website marketing specifically for dentists. Our website, for one, is being managed by
  • Write Blogs – Dental marketing experts say that a dental practice has no excuse for not writing blogs. A blog is an effective tool that you can use to communicate to your patients and inform them about the latest developments in dental care. You can also use blogs to promote your products and services.
  • Utilize Social Media – A patient who posts or tweets about his wonderful experience with your practice can bring in a lot of new patients. Thus, having a Facebook account is a must for modern day dental marketing. Your presence in social networking sites greatly speaks about your image.
  • Use Photos and Videos – People don’t just want to read about you, they want to see you, your staff, and your dental office. A video of a patient testimonial would be impressive, as well as before and after photos of patients. Smiling patients, happy dental professionals, and a great looking office will make your dental practice feel like family to prospective patients.
  • Do Email Blasts or Newsletters – This will remind patients to set up an appointment when they are due for their bi-annual checkup. It will be good for you to set up a system that helps you perform this form of marketing technique.
  • Display Patient Testimonials – Cards or letters that you receive from patients can be posted on your office wall as decoration. You can also use your website to gather testimonials from satisfied patients. Let your patients speak in your behalf and see how this works to market your dental practice very effectively.

Lastly, staying up to date by providing the latest technology and techniques is what Kissimmee dentist, Dr. Philip, does to make sure that all patients are satisfied with his services. Take special classes to further improve your craft and truly enjoy providing dental care to patients.

For top quality dental care, visit trusted Kissimmee dentist, Dr. Philip at Parkway Dental Care. We are located at 1064 East Osceola Parkway Kissimme, FL. You may call us at (407) 932-2273 to set an appointment.

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