Invisalign Kissimmee FLMost people want to achieve straight teeth but want to avoid the hassles that go along with orthodontic treatment. Metal wires and brackets on the teeth are not only very obvious, but are also uncomfortable for the mouth. Come to think of it, who wants to wear these things, even for the purpose of straightening the teeth? The entire process does not only require a degree of sacrifice but also discipline in order to achieve a beautiful smile.

Now, orthodontic patients can choose to have the Invisalign treatment, and achieve straight teeth minus the hassles associated with traditional orthodontics. Invisalign is designed to make orthodontic treatment so much improved than conventional braces because it is completely transparent and comfortable to wear. Invisalign simply spells out convenience for the patient who wants to correct crooked, misaligned, or crowded teeth. It just makes orthodontic treatment a welcoming treat as the treatment doesn’t get in the way of one’s lifestyle with the final outcome of straight, beautiful teeth.
How Invisalign Straightens the Teeth
Invisalign therapy involves the use of a series of clear plastic aligners for a transformed, straight smile. The doctor gives the patient the set of aligners with instructions for wearing each aligner. The patient begins the treatment with aligner number one, which is typically worn for two weeks, or as instructed by the doctor. Once this 2 week period is complete, the patient then proceeds to wearing the aligners in sequence as prescribed by the dentist. Invisalign therapy is complete once all the aligners have been used. The number of aligners given to a patient goes in accordance with his treatment plan, designed by both the dentist and Invisalign.
Patient Responsibility is Important
The patient needs to wear his Invisalign aligner independently; hence, discipline and responsibility on the part of the patient is necessary. It is important to follow the treatment plan, wearing each aligner on schedule. Invisalign is designed for independent treatment that saves you time. You don’t have appointments for adjustment of the braces, which is the case with traditional orthodontics. Invisalign does make your life easy as it is designed to be an improved version of conventional metal braces. However, patients should bear in mind that the only way for the treatment to work is to wear each aligner as planned. Patient responsibility is, therefore, a factor to consider with Invisalign therapy.
Caring for the Aligners
• Put your aligners in a safe place when not in use.
• Use an aligner case instead of wrapping your aligner in a tissue or paper napkin when you’re eating at a restaurant. This prevents the occurrence of your aligner getting thrown away by the waiter.
• Follow your doctor’s instructions for cleaning the aligners. Our dentist usually recommends a cleaning system specially made for Invisalign.
• When you’re through wearing a particular aligner in the series, put it back in the case. There are some cases wherein a previously-worn aligner needs to be worn again.
Invisalign in Kissimmee, FL
Invisalign therapy is available in selected dental practices because the system requires training in order to become a licensed provider of Invisalign. If you want to take Invisalign in Kissimmee, FL, Parkway Dental Care is an excellent provider of this treatment. Dr. Philip recognizes the need for this revolutionary approach to teeth straightening and will be very happy to assist you.

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