Invisalign Kissimmee FLStraightening the teeth is so much better today than in the past because we are now offered more comfortable and more convenient options. With the advent of clear braces, straightening the teeth no longer needs to be uncomfortable and unsightly. Clear braces are completely transparent so no one will know that you’re actually wearing braces. Everyone will just start noticing your improved look without having any clue that you’ve taken orthodontic means to enhance your smile.

“Clear braces vs. metal braces” is a hot topic these days because clear braces have challenged the way people perceive teeth straightening. Gone are the days when orthodontic patients had no other means, but to tolerate the train track look while straightening their teeth. Clear braces are, therefore, a modern, advanced option to orthodontic treatment, transforming your smile from average to beautiful.

Clear Correct and Invisalign Clear Braces

Both Clear Correct and Invisalign use a series of clear, removable, and custom-designed aligners to straighten the teeth. These orthodontic treatments use no wires, and no brackets, so there’s no need to be self conscious about your smile while in treatment. Users of traditional orthodontia have the tendency to hide their smiles because the metal wires are very obvious. Clear braces, therefore, seek to provide an enhanced experience for orthodontic patients, so the entire process of straightening the teeth becomes quick, easy, and convenient.

Clear Correct Kissimmee FLClear braces require a certain degree of commitment and responsibility because the patient puts on and removes his/her aligner independently. The patient is given a series of aligners, which he/she will wear at all times every day, except when eating, brushing, and flossing the teeth. Each aligner is designed to move the teeth, following a treatment plan designed by the dentist. An aligner is typically worn for two weeks, after which the patient proceeds with the next aligner in the series given. The orthodontic treatment is complete when all the aligners have been used. The number of aligners a patient needs to wear depends on the severity of misalignment, the goals of treatment, and the treatment plan itself. Your doctor will guide you through the entire treatment process and monitor your progress to ensure best results.

Clear Braces are the Clear Option to Orthodontic Treatment

• No metal wires and brackets
• Completely transparent, they’re virtually invisible
• Comfortable to use because the braces are made of smooth plastic
• Convenient because the patient is responsible to put on and remove the aligner himself
• Requires fewer visits to the dentist than traditional orthodontia
• Removable so you can brush your teeth properly, and eat more comfortably than when braces are fixed in the mouth
• Very effective results, millions of patients worldwide are now smiling with renewed confidence
• Usually covered by any insurance plan that includes orthodontics

Straighten the Teeth Conveniently

Now, orthodontic patients can say goodbye to misaligned teeth minus the hassles and discomfort commonly associated with traditional orthodontia. Clear Correct and Invisalign can give you straight teeth without affecting your image and lifestyle. They’re the best and clear choice.

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