Your teeth are more important that what you would normally give them credit for. For instance, eating and speaking are two tasks which you basically overlook. However, when you lose majority of your teeth, then these mindless chores because extremely difficult maneuvers. In the past years, you would have no choice but to get dentures. However, that does not seem like such a viable option anymore especially since dentures are notorious for being unstable and flimsy, and dentures cannot do anything to prevent bone loss which naturally happens when the roots of your teeth are lost and your jawbones lose any kind of stimulation.

Dental Implants

Most of the time, people think that dental implants can only be used on individuals who lost one tooth because one implant can only accommodate one crown. But this does not have to be the case at all. On the other hand, dental implants have been known for securing dental bridges and dentures into place in the same way that they do the conventional porcelain crowns. The great thing about dental implants that secure dentures is that you can have a full set of teeth without having to endure the grueling activity of having so many titanium rods drilled into your empty dental sockets.

Different Types of Implant Dentures

There are three common types of implant dentures that you might want to ask your dentist about:

Detachable Denture Implants

This kind of implant dentures are basically the regular acrylic dentures which you would have even if you did not choose to have them secured with the help of dental implants. This type of implant dentures are made of acrylic material which allows them to resemble natural teeth and are reinforced with the help of metal. The dentures are supported with the help 2 to 4 implants, but the dentures would have to be cleaned at least 2 to 3 times each day.

Hydrid Denture Implants

Hybrid dentures are made of either acrylic or composite resin material and is more stable compared to the previous solution basically because of the fact that hybrid denture implants are permanently fixed. Hybrid denture implants are supported with 4 to 6 dental implants and is helpful for individuals who have already gone through bone loss.

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns

This solution is basically an entire set of porcelain crowns which are cemented permanently to the dental implants which are drilled to your jawbones. The problem with this solution, although it’s the most natural looking, is the fact that you should have viable bone tissue left on your jawbones.

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