Losing a tooth or two could be rather difficult especially when it comes to performing some, what would be, no-brainer tasks such as eating and talking. Luckily, dental technology has become so advanced that you can now have missing teeth replaced with the help of dental bridges, dentures or dental implants. But the problem with the first two that were mentioned is the fact that they are flimsy and can fall off very easily. However, dental implants are capable of replacing the missing dental roots and are a lot firmer and stabler compared to dentures and dental bridges. But there’s actually a new procedure that combines dental implants and dental bridges into one.

What are dental implants?

Dental Implants Kissimmee FLBefore talking about dental bridges or even the hybrid that is an implanted dental bridge, it’s important to first talk about dental bridges. Basically, when you lose a tooth, the root which anchors the crown to the gums and your jawbones are also lost. Since the dental root is the part of the tooth which keeps the crown, the exposed layer, firmly planted on your gums, then not replacing the dental root will mean that the replacement crown, such as the denture or the dental bridge, would only be fixed in a weak manner.

However, dental implants replace the missing dental roots with the help of a titanium rod that is drilled deep into the empty dental socket. Aside from that, the rod is further secured because the titanium rod fuses with the surrounding bone tissues in order to solidify the entire structure and make the replacement dental root one with the rest of your jawbones.

What are dental bridges?

Dental Bridge Kissimmee FLDental bridges are porcelain crowns which are fused together in order to give an appearance of a couple of teeth in a row. The dental bridge is secured by placing a crown on the adjacent natural tooth next to the gap in order to keep the bridges in place. The problem with dental bridges is that the nearest tooth would have to be destroyed in some degree in order to fit the crown properly in place.

What are implanted dental bridges?

Basically, implanted dental bridges are just dental bridges which are secured with the help of dental implants and not by the closest natural tooth. By doing this method instead of the conventional, then you can have your dental bridges last you for at least a decade whereas the former would only last a couple of years before needing some form of restorative work.

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