Dental Implants Kissimmee FLDental implants are titanium rods which are drilled into the jawbone and through the empty dental socket. Because of the way that dental implants are very well attached, then it’s only reasonable for why this teeth replacement option is considered the gold standard. You do not have to worry about your dentures or dental bridges falling off with the slightest movement of your mouth.

What makes dental implants so special?

Except for dental implants, all your other options for replacing missing teeth are removable. This can be a huge problem since there is always that risk that your dentures or dental bridges might fall off while you are in the middle of a meal or when you are trying to finish your sentence. Dentures are only secured through the suction which is made through the interaction of your gums and the former. On the other hand, dental bridges are only attached to neighboring teeth, which makes them just as easy to be detached.

On the other hand, dental implants replace the dental roots by placing a titanium rod underneath the gums and jawbones of the now vacated dental socket. On top of that, the titanium rod slowly meshes with the surrounding bone tissues which adds to the strength of the entire structure. A porcelain crown is then placed over the titanium rod to give the appearance of a tooth that is still present.

What are the other advantages of having dental implants?

Below are the other reasons for why more and more patients are making the switch to dental implants and ditching dentures:

Easy maintenance. When you have something artificial inside your mouth, there is always the potential that they might become a source of infection by harboring harmful oral pathogens like bacteria. For this reason, dentures and bridges are constantly removed by the wearer and regularly disinfected. However, dental implants function in the very same way as natural teeth and are, therefore, cleaned in the same manner.

Improved function. Because you don’t have to worry about your replacement tooth suddenly being removed, then you can talk and use your chompers in the same carefree manner that you did when you didn’t lose any of your teeth yet. This also adds to your confidence since you no longer have to worry about being humiliated by your dentures suddenly falling off.

Improved appearance. Lastly, dental implants with their porcelain crowns look more realistic compared to dentures and other forms of false teeth.

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