dental checkup Kissimmee FLWhile it’s a little too early for Halloween (the holidays have barely passed), it’s never too early for you to educate yourself about candies in relation to your kids’ oral health. Whether it’s trick or treating, their birthday or just any regular day wherein they are allowed to reach out for treats, know how you can protect your kids’ teeth without banning candies.

The trick is in choosing the best candy for your kids.

Dentists say that you do not have to restrict your kids from eating candies. And if you had a sweet childhood, you wouldn’t be so thrilled about banning your kids from eating treats to begin with. However, dentists allege that the best way to protect your children without depriving them of their sugary treats is to make them choose the better candies and know that candies in general, when eaten in excess, are bad for their teeth.

The thing when you prevent your kids from eating candies is that they may retaliate and start hiding treats which they’ve received from you. However, if you tell them that they can pick out 10 different treats from the entire bunch that they have received, it sends a message to them that moderation is important, that they can eat candies but they need to keep their munching on sweets on a strict limit.

At the same time, encourage your children to pick out only the hard candies and avoid the gummy and sticky ones. According to dentists, hard candies are better because they do not stick to crevices in between our teeth. The problem with the chewy candies is that they’re rather difficult to remove even with brushing, and sugar which lingers on surfaces of your teeth can cause more cavities.

Set a time on when kids can eat candies.

The best way to prevent cavities caused by sugar is to brush your teeth. For this reason, always make it a rule that your kids should never eat candies very late into the day such after dinner time because they might be tempted to sleep without brushing their teeth. One thing which you can do is to treat candy as if it’s a form of dessert which can only be eaten after meals. And once they’re done with their treats, they should automatically brush their teeth. If your kids are not old enough to brush their teeth on their own, see to it that they do with your assistance.

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