Family Dentist Kissimmee FLWhen it comes to your smile, you have to rely a lot on your genes. It pays to have parents with perfect set of smiles. However, not all of us can benefit from a perfect smile gene pool with a certain fraction of the population requiring orthodontic treatments in the future. But if it’s any consolation, some individuals, even with the most perfect genes, can actually sabotage their bite in the long run.

The development of a perfectly aligned set of teeth is something which happens crucially while one is growing up. In this regard, it’s important that parents see to it that their kids aren’t endangering their bites by doing any of these little but bite-damaging habits:

Your kid thumb sucks

Thumb sucking is a fact of life of any kid. However, the problem with this is that if the habit is not cut during the appropriate time, then the results could be far-reaching with the bite problem becoming permanent. What develops is an open bite because of the force that is generated outward against the front teeth of your child as they thumb suck. However, this does not have to bubble over to your child’s permanent teeth. For as long as your child stops thumb sucking prior to the eruption of his or her permanent teeth, then the open bite would naturally be corrected.

Solution: Some parents place certain things on their kids’ thumbs or pacifiers but this could actually have psychological repercussions. On the other hand, if you talk to your kid properly, tell him or her why it’s important to stop thumb sucking and reinforce that new habit, then your child should be able to get over the phase in a much effective manner.

Your kid lost his or her milk teeth very early.

One of the reasons for why you have milk teeth is because they serve as space markers. Each permanent tooth will follow after its preceding milk tooth is lost. Because of this, the timing with which you lose your milk teeth is extremely crucial given that if you lose the same very early on, then the succeeding permanent tooth will lose its proper point of alignment. A haphazard arrangement of your teeth will soon develop.

Solution: If your child loses his or her milk teeth far too early, then it’s important that you see your dentist to find out if your child needs space maintainers

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