ClearCorrect in Kissimmee FLDid you know that having crooked teeth can actually be the reason you aren’t getting hired? According to a study by Kelton Research, applicants with straight teeth are 45 percent more likely to get hired than an applicant with crooked teeth. While traditional braces can result in even teeth, the “brace face” look might actually do damage to your professional career. However, at Parkway Dental Care, we offer ClearCorrect– a revolutionary way to get straighter teeth without the distraction of wire braces.

What is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect is a teeth-straightening system that is clear so that no one will notice that you are straightening your teeth. This system corrects the alignment of your teeth with plastic aligners that fit over the top and bottom rows of teeth. These aligners are custom created so that it provides the perfect amount of pressure to shift your teeth into place.

Every two weeks, patients using this system will pop in a new aligner that will keep the teeth moving into perfect alignment. The aligners can be taken out whenever needed. Patients usually remove them in order to brush and floss their teeth or to eat comfortably. The more you wear your aligners, the faster your teeth will become straight.

ClearCorrect Cuts Down Chair Time

When you choose ClearCorrect, you will not need to continue visiting your dentist for long appointments to tighten your braces. Instead, you will keep up with straightening your teeth on your own by switching out aligners when the time comes. Only short follow up appointments are needed to monitor your progress. This means ClearCorrect is less painful and is convenient for your daily schedule.

Just because ClearCorrect means less time in the chair, it does not mean it is not as effective as traditional braces. Instead, if offers extremely effective results for dental problems such as:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Cross-bites
  • Overbites

With ClearCorrect, start making the right decision for your teeth. Straighter teeth can get you farther in the professional realm but you don’t have to undergo the ugly sight of traditional braces. Instead, choose the invisible way to straighten your teeth. At Parkway Dental Care, Dr.’s Philip and Chachy Philip offer ClearCorrect for patients in need of a straighter smile. For more information on how ClearCorrect can benefit your life, visit us at our office or call us today to schedule your consultation at (407) 932-2273. Make an appointment online.

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