CEREC in Kissimmee FLIt’s undeniable that Americans have become busier than ever these days. Between work, school, errands and social commitments, we barely have time to take care of ourselves. That’s why at Parkway Dental Care, we offer CEREC®– a state-of-the-art solution to the time constraints of dental work.

What is CEREC?

CEREC® is a machine that designs ceramic restorations quicker than ever before. The CEREC® technology was introduced in 1987 and now more than 25 million CEREC® restorations have been performed around the U.S.

This technology allows the dentist to take a picture of the tooth and create a virtual model of the restoration. This 3D image is used by the CEREC® milling machine to craft the restoration in less than 15 minutes. The biggest benefit to this technology is that a restoration can be created and placed within one office visit.

What are the benefits of CEREC?

Dentists who use the CEREC® technology are able to place a crown on the patient in just one office visit. Traditionally, a crown procedure required at least two office visits throughout the span of two to three weeks. The milling section of the CEREC® machine designs the custom crown from a block of material within minutes. Because the milling unit relies on exact measurements from a 3D replica of the crown, the design is accurate and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, more of the natural tooth is kept intact during a CEREC® procedure.

What is the process?

When a CEREC® crown is placed, the dentist will first anesthetize the area and remove the needed amount of natural tooth to make room for the crown. Afterwards, a picture of the tooth is sent to the CEREC® computer. Once the image is sent to the computer, the dentist creates the digital image of the crown.

This image is then sent to the milling unit where the crown will be crafted out of material that matches the shade of your tooth. Once the crown is created, the dentist places it permanently using dental cement.

CEREC at Parkway Dental Care

At Parkway Dental Care our patients can enjoy the convenience of placing a dental crown in just one dental visit. Our dentist, Dr. Chachy Pillip, received her post-graduation education in CEREC technology and can be trusted to place beautiful and lasting ceramic restorations.

For more information on how you can benefit from our CEREC® technology, visit us at Parkway Dental Care or call us today at (407) 932-2273. Make an appointment online.

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