Invisalign in Kissimmee FLCrooked, oddly-spaced, misaligned or gapped teeth are common dental concerns faced by adults, teenagers and kids all over the world. Orthodontic issues are simply amongst us because perfectly straight teeth are a rarity. According to a study conducted among Jordanian sixth graders, a large percentage of children are being bullied at school because of certain facial imperfections. These facial features include the teeth, which are the number one targeted feature when it comes to bullying.

Bullying, as we all know, greatly affects a child’s inner being. It reduces his self confidence and self-esteem; thus, making him vulnerable to a lot of things. While preventing bullying in itself, involves a different level of prevention, we can do something to enhance the appearance of our teeth. This is where Invisalign can help you. It is an effective orthodontic treatment that corrects mild to severe tooth misalignment cases invisibly. Since Invisalign involves the use of invisible aligners, the treatment reduces the chances of getting teased at school or at work. It blends in beautifully with your lifestyle, so you are able to achieve straight teeth without being inconvenienced in any way. Invisalign can be a great gift that you can give to a teenager with misaligned teeth.

Choose an Experienced Invisalign Provider

The first thing that you should do is to choose an experienced Invisalign provider in your area. A reliable, experienced dentist who knows a great deal about Invisalign can provide you best results. Quality Invisalign therapy in Kissimmee, FL is available at Parkway Dental Care.

How Does Invisalign Therapy Straighten the Teeth?

Invisalign therapy is all about proper sequence and timing. Instead of having metal braces affixed on your teeth, Invisalign uses a series of clear, plastic, removable aligners to get your teeth straightened. The number of aligners in the set given to you depends on the condition of your teeth. The doctor will need to perform a thorough dental evaluation and then create a treatment plan just for you.

Treatment begins by wearing the first aligner in the series. This is typically worn for 14 days, after which the next aligner in the series is worn. Each aligner is designed to align the teeth in sequence; hence, the patient must strictly follow the treatment plan.

Patients are advised to wear their aligners for about 22 hours a day. This means that the aligner must only be removed prior to eating, brushing, and flossing. Many Invisalign users consider this as a treat because they are able to eat all their favorite dishes. This also allows them to brush and floss their teeth thoroughly.

Invisalign Therapy Doesn’t Require Too Much of Your Time

Invisalign aligners are designed to straighten the teeth sequentially, so few and fast office visits will be required of you. This gives you a lot of time for activities at school or at work.

Invisalign – Great for you and your Lifestyle

Having oddly-spaced, crooked, or misaligned teeth increases your chances of being bullied at school. Let Invisalign therapy help you. It is an invisible orthodontic solution that’s designed to work with any lifestyle.

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