dentist Kissimmee FLDentistry is no longer just about tooth restorations but also about the creation of beautiful smiles. Porcelain onlays, crowns, and veneers have been developed, so the teeth are not only restored to good health but also enhanced aesthetically. In the past, tooth restorations involved metal and silver amalgam fillings that appear very obvious with a smile. Amalgam fillings tend to blacken over time and become increasingly noticeable with age. Metal fillings like gold and silver, on the other hand, stand out from the rest of your teeth, making them very noticeable when you smile. As a result, patients become self-conscious of how their smiles appear.

With the advent of porcelain materials used for onlays, crowns, and veneers, a tooth is beautifully restored and strengthened. The patient is treated with healthy and beautiful-looking teeth in a single procedure. Dental patients are also more satisfied with the results than when colored metal tooth restorations were used.

5 Wonderful Benefits of Porcelain for Onlays, Crowns, and Veneers

• Translucence – Porcelain reflects light, so it appears very much like real teeth. Your porcelain restorations don’t appear obvious. In fact, it may be hard to distinguish between your real teeth from a porcelain veneer-bonded tooth or teeth with porcelain fillings. Your smile gets an instant enhancement.

• Durability – Porcelain is a strong material that can last for many years. The material doesn’t easily get damaged especially when the patient maintains excellent oral hygiene.

• Natural Look – The dentist can match your porcelain restorations to the natural shade of your teeth. The results are so natural-looking than when metal restorations are used.

• Stain Resistant – Porcelain has the ability to resist stains, making it easy for you to maintain your porcelain restorations. However, you are still advised to brush and floss your teeth after meals for oral health maintenance.

• Aesthetics – Porcelain when used with veneers masks many types of teeth imperfections. Discoloration, ugly stains, cracks, chips, gaps, and even misalignment can be covered effectively by porcelain veneers.

The Maintenance of Porcelain Onlays, Crowns, and Veneers

Porcelain is easy to maintain because they don’t stain and break easily. However, you are still advised to care for them like real teeth. The habit of brushing and flossing daily is recommended, as well as regular visits to the dentist for cavity prevention.

Patients who grind their teeth while sleeping may be recommended to wear an appliance during sleep. Bruxism, or teeth grinding places extreme pressure on your teeth; hence, an appliance must be worn to ensure that your restorations last for as long as possible. Wearing the appliance also eliminates snoring and teeth grinding; thus, giving you added benefits.

Athletes engaging in contact sports are likewise advised to wear a mouth guard to protect their teeth from accidents or trauma. This ensures that whatever dental procedure performed by your dentist is preserved, and your investment on dental treatments lasts for a long time.

Porcelain – A Simple Material for an Extraordinary Smile

Porcelain is available at your trusted dentists like Dr. Philip because they know that it answers your need for tooth-colored fillings, onlays, crowns, and veneers. Porcelain is used for many other products. When used in dental restorations and cosmetic treatments, porcelain truly brings out the best in your smile.

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