Dental Filling Kissimmee FLWhenever you opt for any kind of treatment, you would always need to explore the safety behind such procedure. For this reason, the debate surrounding the use of dental amalgam is something which bothers anyone that periodically sees their dentist. But regardless of the hesitations with regards to the use of silver fillings, the fact still remains that there are some dental works that require nothing but dental amalgam. So how can dentists then strike a compromise between the use of silver fillings and the health implications of using this dental material?

Dental Amalgam

As already mentioned, dental amalgam is also known as silver fillings because of the use of metals specifically a mixture of copper, tin, silver and the dreaded mercury. The reason for why some individuals are extremely concerned with the use of dental amalgam is because of the fact that half of this dental filling is made up of mercury. What mercury brings to the mix is an increase in durability and strength.

So if mercury is the only thing that makes dental amalgam a safety concern, then surely removing mercury from the mix would instantly solve the problem. Not so quick though. It has been found, through series of researches, that mercury is the only metal which can bind together the rest of the different metals.

Is Dental Amalgam Safe?

This is the entire point of the debate. According to those who argue against the use of silver teeth fillings, any kind of material which contains mercury, despite how minute the amount is, can lead to the person being exposed to developing neurologic symptoms. However, dentists believe that they there isn’t any cause for concern with regards to the use of dental amalgam, despite the fact that these silver fillings do contain some level of mercury.

There has been a 120-year record with regards to the use of dental amalgam. And within that span of time, dentists were not able to see an alarming trend of patients developing neurologic symptoms which are associated with mercury exposure. And while it is true that allergic reactions to mercury is always possible, statistics indicate that less than one percent of the entire population suffer from mercury allergies. At the same time, dentists would usually interview the patient thoroughly in order to find out if the patient suffers from any form of allergy which would contraindicate getting silver fillings or dental amalgam.

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