Dental Check-Up in Kissimmee FLDr. Philip is not just the person who you visit whenever you feel that any one of your tooth hurts, but Dr. Philip should be seen as a partner in your journey towards good oral health. This means that you should not just pay your dentist a visit when you are already feeling signs and symptoms of a dental condition, but there is a need for routine dental check-ups to ensure that your pearly whites are free from cavities as well as keep your gums pink and healthy.

What are dental check-ups for?

Dental check-ups are there so that your dentist can protect you from dental conditions which you may be susceptible for, as well as treat dental conditions which have just started to emerge. When you allow dental conditions to develop into their full-blown selves, then you wouldn’t just have to suffer from the pain and inconvenience of the signs and symptoms, but also the hefty price tags which come with reconstructive treatments. On the other hand, routine tests and treatments to maintain dental health and correct beginnings of certain dental conditions such as cavities and gingivitis won’t cost that much and are less invasive (read: less painful) either.

What happens during dental check-ups?

Basically, Dr. Philip would look for early signs and symptoms for certain dental conditions such as cavities and gingivitis. For cavities, Dr. Philip would be looking for decayed dental material which basically is colored black. If Dr. Philip does not see anything, he or she may try to prod the dental tissues with the help of a tool to spot softened dental tissues which signify that there is a cavity underneath. Dental x-rays can also reveal any cavity which may be hidden.

What happens when your dentist spots cavities?

When Dr. Philipt sees that you have developed cavities, then the next logical step would be to treat the cavities with the help of the dental filling procedure. The dental filling procedure involves the use of either amalgam or composite resin material in order to prevent bacteria from further causing damage to the tooth. Dr. Philip may also cap off your visit with a fluoride rinse, which will help to reinforce the strength of the dental enamel of your teeth so that cavities would have a harder time developing.

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