Six Month Braces

Get straight teeth and a beautiful smile in six month’s time with our six month braces! We at Parkway Dental Care specialize in braces that you can use quickly and more comfortably. The results are so fast that you will get straight teeth before you know it. Come to our practice in Kissimmee FL and let Dr. Philip T. Philip talk to you about this innovative product.

Perhaps you’re wondering how teeth can be straightened in a short span of 6 months? Dr. Philip says that the latest technology combined with traditional materials has allowed the field of dentistry to come up with the six month braces. While other types of braces focus on improving the entire set of teeth, these six month braces focus more on the aesthetics. The braces simply improve what can be seen; thus, greatly reducing the amount of time a patient is under treatment. Visit Parkway Dental Care and we’ll show you before and after results of patients in Kissimmee FL who have undergone the treatment.

What Dr. Philip will do is to get a photographic image of your teeth. This can be done with an x-ray so the doctor can best determine if you are a candidate for the six month braces or a different teeth straightening technique. The doctor will then create your customized braces that you will wear for 6 months. Unlike metal braces that are unsightly, the six month braces are tooth colored braces that are less visible while you’re under treatment. Your friends can hardly tell that you’re wearing them. Many of our patients in Kissimmee FL and the surrounding areas are very happy with  six month braces as the product gives very fast and effective results.

Here are the advantages of using Six Month Braces:

  • Less visible
  • Offers speed
  • Low cost alternative
  • Helps achieve a more beautiful smile

Visit Parkway Dental Care in Kissimmee FL and let Dr. Philip assess your teeth straightening needs. If you want a fast, inexpensive and still effective alternative, six month braces are a great option. They can handle even the most challenging set of teeth in as little as 6 months. Call us today at (407) 932-2273 and schedule an appointment.